For serious inquiries such as creating something for a photoshoot or other media please email me at akiiwanbeadwork@outook.com for more information.

Q: How can I purchase your work? Are these available?

A: I do a sale on the last Sunday of every other month at 3pm PST. This is the only time you can purchase my work. If there is nothing available on my website everything is sold out. My next sale is always listed on the front page of my website.


Q: Are you currently taking custom orders or commissions and do you have a minimum?

A: Custom orders are closed at this time. My minimum for custom ordering is $200.


Q: Everything is sold out, how can I be sure to purchase something on your next sale?

A: Everything has sold out within the first few minutes on past sales so I recommend being there at 3pm PT sharp. For faster checkout I offer Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay.


Q: Will you be remaking these?

A: This really depends! Sometimes I do variations of old designs but I’m usually in a creative flow and that is always evolving.


Q: How much is your work?

A: My work varies in complexity, details and size and I always use the best quality beads, gemstones and findings. My prices have a wide range and reflect time spent creating and materials used. My price range is anywhere between $50 - $550.


Q:  May I replicate your work?

A: No. Be original! I spend countless hours designing and then bringing those designs to life. Copying designs is disrespectful even if that was not your intention.


Q: Are your ear hooks hypoallergenic?

A: Yes! I use sterling silver ear hooks.


Q: Where are you based?

A: Central Oregon


Q: Do you ship internationally? How much is shipping?

A: I ship to the US and Canada only at this time. $5 within the US and $15 to CA. Canadian customers please note that once your order hits Canada I have no way of tracking and am not responsible for lost items.


 Q: Is such and such cultural appropriation?

A: Please stop expecting others to do this work for you, especially those who are directly harmed by cultural appropriation. Google is free.


Q: Can I wear beaded jewelry even though I am non Indigenous?

A: Of course! By purchasing my work you are supporting and appreciating Indigenous art. I do not make traditional patterns or regalia so that is not something to worry about either.